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a creativity survey!! all artists/artsy people *must* take my first survey! XD lotsa questions!
~un~// inspiration::
what's more important, creativity or success?:success
would you rather be under the rainbow or over the stars?:stars pls
do you create digital art?:oekakiiiii
do you play an instrument?:no.
pink hair or black hair?:black obviously
eyeshadow or lipstick?:eyeshadow
should boys wear makeup?:sure, if they can pull it off without looking like retards
what country inspires you?:CHINA.
can you speak another language?:french, retard-level chinese
primitive or futuristic?:futuristic
Dali or Sargent?:dali
favorite color?:grey
Victorian or Cyber? which is better? do the two mix:victorian.
what/who is your muse? Don't laugh, we all have a muse of some sort!:lol no we dont
where were you before you were born?:who the shit wrote this??
is rap poetry?:yes.
should musicians be judged by their fashion sense (or lack of it):yes.
are you religious?:sort of
if you are religious, do you think it shows in your creativity?:...
what do you think about photos?:I love photogs
martial arts or dance?:dance.
does beauty lie within everything?:not really.
if you answered yes, what is beautiful about a roach? tell me..:ewwwwwww
is pop an actual music force to be appreciated?:obviously, kylie is a GOD.
would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?:yes.
Is nature beautiful, or is it an ugly place?:nature is cute
is expensive clothing better than cheap clothing?:not always, but usually
do you think all religions are the same?:no.
what do you think makes you unique? (ooh, a rhyme..sorta):fuck, I dont shoes.
what's your artistic gift to the world? (haha, more cheesiness -_-):being FAAAAAAAAAAbulous
are you...cynical or wide eyed in wonder at the world?:both
what's the color of your soul? (I CAN'T stop today!! ahh, forgive me):yellow
are you depressed?:hellz no
are you depressing?:no.
If you draw/paint, what's the color most seen in your work?:...
do you compose music?:LOLLLL
is your life haphazard or carefully planned?:both
Where do you hang out to get inspired/be artsy (ie--park, coffee shop, etc):nowhere
does art make your life miserable?:no
Do you think all creative people are meant to suffer?:no
what icons/items do you like to feature in your art?:the virgin mary, keys, the queen, victoriana
how would you describe your art style?:uNiQuE~~*
ok. What do you think of Gwen Stefani?:She certainly dresses well
cd covers are cool. Which do you think is the most creative?:durrr I dunno
Do you get bored easily?:yes
which rock band is the most creative?:i have no idea.
stormy weather or beautiful blue skies?:stroms pls.
Is it important to be mysterious?:no
do you like wandering around at night?:yes
If you met me, what would you say/do?:probably laugh because these questions have all been pretty lame
are graveyards beautiful or scary?:they're nice but very quiet.
Sunset or moonlight?:sunset
desert or forest?:forest
Do you think clothes are important?:ohhhh yes
What's your fashion scene?:asian dicount
and finally, the olde question..what do you think about the survey??:..
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You've been totally Bzoink*d
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